DualSpark is Australia & New Zealand's Dedicated Databricks Consultancy

Go Databricks with Dualspark! We love Databricks and that's why we've built a dedicated consultancy around it.

We're not generalists like the other folk, we're specialists who help customers solve business problems and realise new opportunities without being confined to old processes, platforms and the old ways of thinking.

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Reimagine a Data-Driven World Without Limitations

We're a team of passionate data people

We're a team of builders ⁠who envision a world powered by data and work together to achieve it.

We did it the old way in our old jobs at major firms. But now we’re ready to do it differently. We created DualSpark to do things better and make room for passion and innovation through Databricks.

We are a modern, cloud-focused data consultancy, committed to ushering in a data-driven future for our clients.

If it's Databricks related, we can help

DualSpark helps businesses reimagine data and its applications with Databricks. We also work with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure to underpin your Data-Cloud platform.

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Roadmap & Strategy

Need a plan to get started?
We work with you to create a roadmap that's a prioritised series of incremental use cases that lay out what you want to achieve with your data. Each will have a clear business outcome and measurable return on investment. These then guide our design of your Databricks platform. Because technology follows your business, not the other way.

Want to go further and fully reconsider your data strategy?
We can help there too. We'll analyse your capability across people, processes and systems to provide strategic recommendations to capture value from data. This then feeds into the roadmap and design of your data platform.


Design & Deployment

Time to reimagine your data platform?
Starting from the first principles of your requirements and use cases rather than the limits of the status quo, we design and deploy Databricks platforms the major cloud platforms, AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. We also bring a strong pedigree in cloud engineering & DevOps to ensure that your Databricks platform is underpinned by an enterprise grade environment that is secure, resilient and optimised.

You get a modern, unified data platform and architecture that translates the data you collect and store into outcomes for your business.

Use-Case Focused

Have an idea to achieve something with your data? Have a data-problem to be solved?

We flesh those into well-defined use cases and then make them happen on Databricks. They can involve any combination of data engineering, analytics, business intelligence, data science and machine learning. Or leave the technical specifics to us and keep your focus on the business outcomes.



If your needs align with prepackaged accelerators, we get you value-fast. We implement the Databricks Solution Accelerators, which represent some of the most common and high-impact use cases seen on Databricks, while tailoring them to your business. We have Databricks accelerators across verticals including, financial services, healthcare, retail and consumer goods and manufacturing so that you can prove new use-cases fast, like understanding if GenerativeAI will work for you business.


Scalable Machine Learning

Want to scale beyond proofs-of-concept and local notebooks, and actually get models into production?

We streamline the machine learning lifecycle and tightly integrate it with the rest of your data platform. Focusing on your requirements and use cases, we use Databricks Machine Learning to deliver the scale, tooling and MLOps framework that makes the most sense for your business.

You see returns from machine learning, rather than just its potential.


Databricks Optimisation

Already have Databricks, but it's not delivering the value or performance you expect?

We assess your Databricks platform and usage within your business context. Then we go back to first principles and your requirements to recommend and implement ways to reduce consumption, strengthen security and optimise performance, so you get more from your investment.

We do data differently and our consultants are empowered to enable it

We're a part of Practiv Group which allows us to tap into a wide talent pool of experienced experts across Australia & New Zealand.

Data-Cloud Experts

We have expertise across Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform to underpin your Databricks platform.

Dedicated to Databricks
DualSpark is a dedicated Databricks consultancy - we're the specialists Databricks brand and have invested heavily to ensure that we're across the latest training, updates and use-case accelerators.

Australia & New Zealand wide
Our consultants are our strength and we continue to invest heavily in our team to ensure that our customers have access to the most highly trained & experienced Databricks team in Australia & New Zealand.

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Reach out for a chat - whether you're currently deep in the delivery of your Databricks projects and need some help, or you're just wanting some advice to get started, we're here to help.
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